Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Haunted Theater a show?

A: No. Haunted Theater is a self-guided haunted house

Q: Do I have to reserve a time slot?

A: Yes! New for 2021 you have to reserve a date and time slot! Tickets must be purchased ahead of time!

Q: Can I buy tickets beforehand?

A: Yes! New for 2021 you MUST purchase a ticket ahead of time. Get your tickets now!

Q: How long does it take to walk through the haunted house?

A: 20-25 minutes depending on tour pace

Q: Do I have to wait?

A: You may have to wait depending on audience attendance. To avoid longer waits, please come to our haunted house closer to 7pm.

Q: Can my child under the age of 13 attend?

A: Yes, if accompanied by an adult

Q: Is my kid too young for your adult tour?

A: Our suggestion is ages 8 and up. But it is at the parents discretion

Q: Is Haunted Theater scary?

A: We like to think so! Haunted Theater is first and foremost a haunted house. For younger children, we suggest our child friendly tours.

Q: Will actors touch me?

A: Actors will not intentionally touch you.

Q: I have a bus tour coming. Is there a group rate and can we attend?

A: Yes, we welcome buses. Check out our ticket page for group rates and more information.

Q: What is the Kids Tour about?

A: Kids Tour is an interactive child friendly tour that involves solving puzzles to accomplish a mission all while having fun and learning that monsters are pretend.

Q: What age is the Kids Tour good for?

A: We suggest ages 2-8.


Warning and Haunt Rules

You will Experience the following:

Intense Audio and Lighting, Extreme Low Visibility, Strobe and Fog Effects, and Graphic Scenes of Terror.

  • No Touching Actors
  • No Touching Props or Sets
  • No Profanity or Obscene Gestures
  • No Running or Pushing
  • No Smoking, Matches, or Lighters Permitted
  • No Flashlights or Other Illuminating Devices Permitted
  • No Recording Devices of Any Kind

Crowd Photo Release

By participating in this Brookdale Performing Arts Center event, you consent to having your image captured by official photographers and videographers.  The resulting materials, including still photographs, video and audio recordings may be used by Brookdale Community College without restriction or financial compensation, in news materials, promotional materials, on the web or other properties.

If you do not agree to having your image captured or recorded, please do not enter the event venue.